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How To Make a Visual Diary?

Everyday we can get struck by a moment, when something captures your attention, elevates your senses and thoughts, helps us discover new insights. The moments that “speak” are what a visual diary is. Those moments can happen unexpectedly, appear from almost anything, their essence cannot be described in words, as they are not logical at all and / or symbolic. It takes some practice to reproduce and preserve these moments. Best place to begin is to have a visual diary. This way you can start to develop self-awareness about the things that attract or interest you, what makes you laugh, where your thoughts go back to and what is truly important to you.

Illustration author – Julija Panova

Our mobile phones and computers are full of moments that are compiled from the personal photos, downloaded pictures and saved quotes. Now, let’s imagine that all of this has been passed through the filter of our personal gaze. Everything falls into a collage: a bundle of fragments that you are drawn to, that help you recall what inspires you and what brought you into the state of creative alertness. We usually share these snippets on social networks and in private messages. Having such collage at hand can be really beneficial to your creativity. It is a shame, that the brief moments of inspiration fade away so quickly – they are so ephemeral. I invite you to explore one of the ways to capture and archive inspiration in the form of a visual diary.

Illustration author – Julija Panova

We live in a world where we are exposed to a huge amounts of visual information every day. We are too irritated and absorbed in this constantly buzzing, attention-grabbing visual madness. One of the ways to combat this problem is to make a bold and even revolutionary choice – open up a clean paper sketchbook that has no lines, boxes or dots. I suggest to look at this as a very healthy technique for rethinking, reassessing and apprehending all that abundance of images. Yes, I have no scientific evidence, but I dare to say that these practices can be a way to deal with the anxiety and constant distraction.

Illustration author – Julija Panova

I am an avid visual diarist. For years, I have not been ceased to collect and preserve the images and thoughts that provoke my imagination: the absurdity of the billboard, the line from the lyrics, the passersby’s idiotic hat shape, the idea of a picture seen on social media or a beautiful ornament of my friend’s clothes. I carry my sketchbook to an exhibition I attend; it saves me when I find myself in a boring meeting that does not require my full attention. For many years I have been collecting inspirational images, motifs that speak to me, visuals that I get from my dreams, boredom, intense trying to gain a new skill or reminiscing about the past. I capture all of this in my visual diary.

Illustration author – Julija Panova

I pull out my sketchbook when I hear a random sentence or when i browse trough a furniture catalog and a certain chair’s shape evokes a feeling of tenderness. It also happens when I watch a movie and see a nice shot – I have to pause and capture the key elements of the composition.

When you have a paper treasury of your inspirational moments, you can turn the pages, remember what you were thinking before, or show your visual diary to a friend / colleague at any time.

Illustration author – Julija Panova
Illustration author – Julija Panova

You can follow Julia’s creative endeavours on her Instagram channel or on her Behance profile.

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Yulia Panova

Active illustrator, art director, graphic art specialist. Currently works on personal art projects and shares her professional input on Kurk Kurk blog.


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