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About three years ago objects that appeared in my work became various geometric shapes. I illustrate an abstract world of my subconscious. I see it as an asemic writing, captured automatic thoughts. When I create I go by the specific guidelines that I have established for my work process.

Indrė Lubytė „Cut in Half“. 2018, etching, aquatint.

Often in my creative work the same shapes appear but in different proportions and colors that I intuitively choose. Almost every drawing has a cylinder that symbolizes irritating thoughts. Colors play a very important role in my work. I use a specific color pallet which is repeating across my drawings and that way makes them cohesive.

Creative process

Inspiration for my work comes from observing the surroundings. I am interested in construction sites where there is a lot of action and everything is constantly changing. I have great admiration for director’s Wes Anderson work which is filled with colors and rhythm.

I did have a break from creating and for about one year I did not create anything physical, because I felt drained. Even though I felt bad about not producing anything, the creative process continued through observation mainly by capturing interesting compositions with my phone camera. That year I accumulated a lot of images that now I use as an inspiration for my art.

Some images occur unexpectedly from my subconscious as I go about my day, while others appear just as I sit down to draw, the hands just move by themselves.

Indrė Lubytė “Platforms”. 2020, aquarelle, 106x76cm.

I never really know what the final outcome will be, but it is not that important. Some images occur unexpectedly from my subconscious as I go about my day, while others appear just as I sit down to draw, the hands just move by themselves. I am aware that I cannot fully avoid coincidences. They appear unexpectedly and become a part of the process.

When I finished my drawing, I wanted to take a photo of it and as I did, the picture turned out as if there was a leg coming out of the platform. This transformed into a new character that I am working on. When I am finished with a drawing I never fully feel that it is actually finished, so I just keep on creating. That way it continues infinitely until it becomes a series of drawings.

Indrė Lubytė “Looks”. 2021, aquarelle, silkscreen.

The main tools in my creative process are a ruler, pencil, bright aquarelle and a large format paper. Aquarelle technique requires a lot of patience and accuracy, so the process is quite slow. At the moment I study fine arts, so I have the ability to use the workshops and incorporate etching and silk screen techniques into my work. As the time went on, I felt that the artworks I produced lacked dimension, so I plan to make it more tangible.

Artworks by Indrė Lubytė

You can follow Indrė’s art on her Instagram @lubyteirgripka.

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Indrė Lubytė

Fine artist and illustrator who is at the moment extending her knowledge in the fine arts masters program. On her free time she likes to explore new places.


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