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Jumping to a bigger format is always challenging. It’s like going from singing in a shower to a stage before an audience of thousands – could be very uncomfortable. But the reward is great. There’s a lot of excitement wrapped in this fear of failing, getting a grip of the wall, the format you’re working on. Thinking about visibility and permanence of your work can bring up a lot of anxious thoughts (once it’s done you can’t possibly hide away the drawing in your drawer). It’s an opportunity to learn how letting perfectionism go can be relieving. The ability to use mistakes in your advantage can be strengthening.

„Hold Your Banners“ by Julija Panova

Of course in this day and age there are many supplementary technologies that let you ease the process. For example, using a high power projector to scale up the drawing. But for me this trick (however appealing it might be) feels like a loss. It robs me of the joy of improvisation. If you spend 2 hours making the outlines of the design and then the rest of the work is just filling in – what’s the point? It really eliminates the problem and stress of making not so perfect sketch to painting transition, however the fun goes away as well.

Working with your imagination is like having a conversation between the physical world and the vision.

„Hold Your Banners“ Julija Panova. Creative process.

So if I don’t use projector – how do I translate a small sketch into a mural? In the beginning stage of the process it may look like I do things quite slowly, because most of the work takes place in my head (this is the planning and visualising moment). Gradually it becomes quicker. As more things appear, lesser possibilities are left, so the process of thinking is shortening.

„Hold Your Banners“ Julija Panova. Creative process.

It might seem like quite a calculated way of doing it but it’s completely intuitive! The secret is just a lot of practice no matter the format or the technique. I would dare to say that when you draw from your memory you train the ability to visualise what’s not there, yet along side of with what you’ve already drew down. Working with your imagination is like having a conversation between the physical world and the vision. It’s a conflict ground – a debate. And it ends whenever you’re satisfied with the reached compromise.

„Hold Your Banners“ by Julija Panova

Julijos Panova work „Hold Your Banners“ can be seen at one of the Loftas walls! This drawing was made during the music and art festival Loftas Fest and was exhibited at street art gallery Open Gallery.

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Yulia Panova

Active illustrator, art director, graphic art specialist. Currently works on personal art projects and shares her professional input on Kurk Kurk blog.


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