Experience graphic art with Kurk Kurk!

In Kurk Kurk workshops you will learn some of the graphic art techniques and you will be able to create a unique art piece with your own hands!

Our workshops

During our workshops, each participant can make a unique lino cut using special tools and make a print on paper, book cover or make a temporary tattoo!

We also offer bookbinding workshops where we make handmade books.


Kurk Kurk team organizes workshops in different cities of Lithuania. We participate in festivals, public and private events, schools, culture houses and other places.

This year we have already visited the Lithuanian folk music festival „Skamba skamba kankliai“ and heavy metal and folk music festival „Kilkim žaibu“. We organized weekly workshops in the MO museum, visited children at the Children and Adolescent Social Center.

Labas, Kurk Kurk,

+370 633 88888    [email protected]

+370 633 88888

[email protected]